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Dr. jur. Brigitte Röhrig

After having finished her 2nd State Examination Dr. Brigitte Röhrig worked in legal departments in pharmaceutical companies from 1991 until 1993.

Since 1993 she is attorney with specialisation in German and European drug and drug advertising law, biotechnology law as well as contractual law. She wrote her theses about the "New procedures for Marketing Authorisations for Medicinal Products", author and publisher of the manual of EU-marketing authorisation for medicinal products and author of numerous publishings concerning German and European drug law. She is internationally active as speaker in conferences.

Dr. Röhrig-Friese fluently speaks German, English, French and Portuguese.




1965 in Cologne



  • Drug Law (human and veterinary medicinal products, national and EU, including advertising law, reimbursement and contractual issues),

  • Food Law

  • Biotechnology Law


Special Interest Areas:
  • Cosmetic Law
  • Medical Device Law

Education and Qualifications:


1983 - 1987

University of Passau with education in legal language and legal system in English, French and Portuguese



Second State Exam



doctor iuris degree at the University of Passau




1988 - 1990

scientific assistant at the University of Passau, chair for public law and administrative law, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand O. Kopp



Head of the Legal Department of Henning Berlin GmbH Chemie- und Pharmawerk



Legal Department of Schering AG





Since 1993 Dr. Brigitte Röhrig is independant attorney for national and international companies which market medicinal products, food, including food supplements, cosmetics and / or medical devices and biotechnology products. She gained experience as co-founder and head of the Berlin office of the Munich lawfirm Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner as well as partner of the lawfirm Forstmann Kleist Collatz, Frankfurt. Since 1995 Dr. Brigitte Röhrig is speaker in national and international conferences in the field of drug law. She is author of numerous publications in professional magazines. Since 2002 Dr. Röhrig internationally cooperates with highly specialized niche-lawfirms in other EU member states.

Since 2004 Dr. Röhrig is permanent correspondent for the monthly column "EMEA and EU Commission - Topical News" of the journal "Die Pharmazeutische Industrie (pharmind)", written in the English language.

End 2006 her new book "Guide to Drug Regulatory Affairs" has been published by Editio Cantor Verlag, Aulendorf, Germany, in the print version, as well as in January 2007 in an online version, which is regularly updated. It is a comprehensive Guide offering overviews and details relating to all aspects of marketing authorisation of medicinal products in the European Union. Dr. Röhrig edits the Guide together with Dr. Barbara Jentges (Phact) and Dr. Usfeya Muazzam (BfArM).



German, English, French, Portuguese, beginning Turkish



1 daughter



Languages, playing music, sports (riding, swimming, jogging)

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